Nephrology is a branch of medical sciences which deals with kidney, urinary tract, and related diseases.

The kidney is a vital organ, it helps remove toxic waste products, maintain water and electrolyte levels in the blood, generate vitamin D in active form, and regulates blood pressure. The diseases of the kidney are managed by a Nephrologist.

What We Treat

Nephrology is concerned with patients developing-


  • Kidney diseases due to infection, diabetes, hypertension, immune system disorders, drugs, renal stones, and bladder disorders
  • Advanced kidney diseases are managed with maintenance dialysis
  • Disorders of electrolytes in the blood
  • Urinary infections
  • Acute kidney disease
  • Hypertension
  • Recurrent kidney stones
  • Urinary bladder dysfunction

How We Treat

Kidney disorders require a proper diagnosis of kidney diseases which is achieved by clinical evaluation followed by laboratory evaluation and kidney biopsy if required. An in-house lab with advanced diagnostic equipment and a Pathologist helps improve the diagnostic accuracy. A proper diagnosis would help to optimize medicines to treat or stabilize the condition. Our team has the best experience in initiating the patient on dialysis, creating vascular access for dialysis, and managing safe dialysis.

Our Specialists

Dr. Dhaval Khetia


Why us?

Managed by an experienced nephrologist and equipped with state-of-the-art dialysis unit and ICU backup, higher standards of hygiene and pure water for hemodialysis, surgical support for dialysis access, and complete diagnostic lab and radiology support makes us one of the best nephrology clinics in Gujarat.

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