Deep Anaesthesia Associates (DAA) is the largest group of anaesthesiologists in the private sector at Vadodara City providing anaesthesia care in the OR. Our specialists are esteemed for delivering the best outcomes in Anaesthesia. We are the most trusted and reliable provider of Anaesthesia services in Vadodara. Our specialists are renowned for their expertise, empathy, research, teaching, and procedural skills. Our pain management specialists effectively and comprehensively treat pain by using a multidisciplinary approach. We administer general, regional, and monitored anaesthesia care to patients undergoing various surgical procedures.

DAA prides itself in delivering safe, high-quality, cost-effective Anaesthesia care designed to maximize performance and increase patient and surgeon satisfaction.

The group is also running the Advanced Airway Fellowship program.

The anaesthetic techniques used by Deep Anaesthesia Associates anaesthesia consultants are advantageous to the hospital for several reasons:

  • Safety: Personnel and protocols to deal with all kinds of cases, choosing appropriate techniques and monitoring of high-risk patients.
  • Quality of anaesthetic care: Providing a safe and pleasant experience for patients before, during, and after surgery.
  • Economy: We use low flows of gases during anaesthesia, reducing the consumption of volatile anaesthetic agents and also avoiding nitrous oxide, both of which result in cost-saving during general anaesthesia. The use of various regional anaesthesia techniques during and after surgery again reduces anaesthetic costs.

Our Anaesthesia Expertise

  • Neuro Anaesthesia
  • Vascular Anaesthesia
  • Urosurgical Anesthesia
  • Onco Anaesthesia
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • Bariatric Surgery Anaesthesia
  • Advanced Regional Blocks (USG Guided)
  • Advanced Pain Procedures
  • Advanced GI & Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • Endoscopic Procedures
  • Joint Replacement & Arthroscopic Surgeries

Additional Services

  • Teaching And Training Of OR Staff
  • Setting Up Protocols In OR
  • Conducting Seminars And CMEs
  • Training Courses For Technicians And Staff
  • Training Courses For Anaesthesiologists

Our Consultants

Dr. Apeksh Patwa
Dr. Amit Shah
Dr. Mitesh Shah
Dr. Minesh Barochia
Dr. Anant Rane
Dr. Ashish Shah
Dr. Harshal Dave
Dr. Deepshikha Shah
Dr. Bhavin Gandhi
Dr. Manushi Desai
Dr. Khushbu Patel
Dr. Unnati Shah
Dr. Neha Parikh

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