Emergency Medical Services (EMS) aims at providing acute medical care to the victim, either in the emergency room or outside the hospital.

The most common types of accidents involve automobile and road accidents, sports-related accidents, fall injuries, or fire accidents. It is important to understand the emergency services and emergency management required during an accident for the victim.

The critical care of victims who have suffered injuries during the accident (e.g. roadside accident) or suffered from life-threatening conditions like brain stroke, heart attack or septic shock, etc. is handled by the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department of the hospital. Paramedics who work in the A&E department provide the accident victims with emergency medical services, ambulance services and provide transport to the emergency room.

Accident & Emergency services at Aadicura Super Speciality Hospital

Aadicura Super Speciality Hospital is fully equipped with the appropriate emergency medical service facilities & equipment in the accident and emergency department to help the victims of accidents & critical patients.

Our USPs

  • 24 x 7 In-House Radiology & Pathology Diagnostic Services
  • Trained Medical Officer, Trained Staff, And Nurses
  • 24 x 7 Emergency Care
  • ICU On Wheels, Ambulance Services
  • Well-Equipped ICU
  • Full-Time Specialists
  • Advanced Instruments

Aadicura has all super specialists like a full-time interventional cardiologist, neurosurgeons, orthopedic & trauma surgeon, vascular surgeon, critical care specialist, interventional gastroenterologist & pulmonologist to care for such patients.

Our evidence-based approach to critical care makes us the best in the community. Every doctor and nurse at the Emergency Department is a BLS / ACLS provider. Every physician has a Master / Diploma Fellowship in Emergency & Trauma Care. Every nurse is up-skilled with ACLS, Trauma Care, Crisis Simulation and Emergency Skilling, Leadership, and Catastrophic Event Management. Our commitment to Safe, Timely, Effec tive, Efficacious, and Patient-Centric care forms the primary foci of the Emergency Department.

The department of Accident & Emergency services at Aadicura Super Speciality Hospital has refined protocols to deliver the best available care when our patients need it most. The division has established itself as a critical link for emergent and acute care patients. We have devised a seamless, integrated, and patient-centric platform in
pre-hospital care by ambulances, emergency & acute care, and up-scaled critical care.

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