Dr. RaviRajsinh is a highly experienced critical care specialist, well known to provide around-the-clock care in highly-stressful situations within Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Dr. RaviRajsinh Gohil completed MBBS & MD from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad. After completing post-graduation, he completed a fellowship in Critical Care from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai 2010. He has vast experience in the field of Critical Care as he started working as a Critical Care Consultant in Vadodara in 2010. He has been highly active as a Critical Care specialist having organized various critical care conferences in Vadodara & Gujarat.

Professional Highlights

Worked as a critical care consultant & ICU incharge since 2010 in various hospitals of Vadodara like Bhailal Amin General Hospital, Rhythm Heart Institute, Metro Hospital & Premdas Jalaram Hospital.

Organized various critical care conferences in Vadodara & Gujarat.

Organized workshops on Mechanical Ventilation, USG in critical care, ECHO in critical care, etc.

Running Apex Critical Care Foundation to train critical care medicine to doctors as well as nursing staff.


Areas of Expertise


Mechanical Ventilation & Difficult Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation

Management of Poisoning Cases

Awards & Accolades

  • Former Secretary Of ISCCM Vadodara Branch

  • ACLS-BLS Instructor

  • Chief Organizer of Gujarat CRITICON, 2015 - 2019

Over 11 years of experience

Education and Training

  • 2010

    IDCCM (Indian Diploma In Critical Care Medicine),
    Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

  • 2008

    BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad

  • 2010

    ACLS BLS Instructor

  • 2005

    BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad

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Doctor’s Message
In this modern era of medicine, critical care specialists have now become the backbone of in-hospital & outside-hospital care. Today the role of critical care specialists is not limited to ICU only but their role is expanded to all aspects of patient’s management. Now Critical Care is a separate super speciality branch like other specialty doctors. So we can say that the ICU & critical care specialists are considered to be the heart of any hospital.
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