Dr. Minal Patil, a graduate of MHUS, Pune has done his DNB in General Surgery from KEM Hospital in Pune.
He completed his GI-HPB Fellowship at Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad and has undergone additional training in Laparoscopy with FMAS, EFIAGES, and FALS in Bariatric Surgery.

He has an extensive experience of 7 years in Laparoscopy, Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary, and Liver Transplant Surgeries.
Dr. Minal Patil has received specialized training in Laser Proctology.

Areas of Expertise

Gastro-Intestinal & Hepato Pancreatic Biliary (GI & HPB) Surgery

Gastro-Intestinal Cancers, Liver Diseases & Cancers

Colorectal Surgery

Obesity Bariatric Surgery

Large Hernia Repair (TAR) and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Proctology, Colorectal Surgery & Laser Proctology

Laser Piles, Anal Fistula Surgery, Fissures, Pilonidal Sinus & Laser Surgery

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